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Hi there, I’m Robin.

I am the owner and driving force behind Brandywine Academic Services.  I  have a passion for helping students succeed and would love to spend time discussing ways to engage and uplift your student!



Robin Hinmon graduated from the University of Delaware's Honors Program with a Bachelor's degree in Biology Education and a minor in Mathematics. She holds a Master's degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Robin became a high school teacher to instill her love of learning to her students, but found her most rewarding experiences occurred as she worked part-time as a tutor.  In 2009, she decided to open the doors of Brandywine Academic Services.  


Tutoring Proficiencies 

Not only is Robin the owner of Brandywine Academic Services, but she has over 25 years of tutoring experience.  Her ability to tutor a variety of subjects make her stand out in her field.  Her math and science degrees equip her with the skills necessary to tutor higher level math and science courses, while her numerous publications provide her with the experience necessary to edit college essays and support students in their AP Language courses.  Where her content knowledge falls short - foreign languages and social studies - her giftedness with study skills compensates.  


Robin's interest in education is rooted in her love of research:  the purest form of independent learning.    This pursuit of learning seeps into all that she does.  She is constantly editing her SAT curricula, researching new ways to teach executive skills, or pursuing technological advancements that will enable her students to meet with success.  

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