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Our Tutoring Services

Brandywine Academic Services offers a variety of tutoring programs that can be customized to meet your individual needs. Whether it’s traditional tutoring in one subject, assistance with an upcoming essay, study skills, or academic coaching in all of your classes, we’ve got you covered!

Teacher and Student

Traditional Private Tutoring

Brandywine Academic Services offers traditional private tutoring during your child’s study hall, in the comfort of your home, the public library, our office, over Zoom, or any other convenient location.


Students are assigned a tutor that not only works to meet their immediate needs, but also focuses on rebuilding areas of weakness.  Tutors typically meet with students once or twice a week for one hour or one and a half hour sessions. 
Our primary goal at Brandywine Academic Services is to help your student develop the study skills necessary to grow into an independent learner.
For a list of subjects covered, please click here.

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Small Group Sessions

Looking for an effective, but more affordable approach to Private Tutoring?   Consider organizing a Small Group tutoring session.

Small Groups can be composed of up to 4 individuals and are charged at a sliding hourly rate. We encourage you to form your own groups to bring together students from the same school.


To maximize participation and learning, our tutors actively engage each student, specifically address student questions, and briefly review key points from the current curriculum. 

For more information on Small Groups, reach out today!

Working on School Project

Homework Help

Homework.  It’s the one consistent part of education that never goes away.  Because homework can make up a large percentage of a student’s grade, it makes sense to help students excel in this area as well.  That’s why we created our unique Homework Help option.  

Whether it’s helping with research papers, projects, writing assignments, or lab reports, let our tutors work with your student to get the most out of his/her efforts.  Tutors meet with students on an as needed basis. 

Let us help your student excel today! 

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Study Skills

Has your student ever brought home a low test score despite studying for hours?  Does your student know that how you study can be just as important as what you study?

Brandywine Academic Services firmly believes that a solid academic foundation is built upon strong study skills. Equip your child with the skills necessary for success.  Topics include:  organization, time management, note taking, active reading, and test prep.


If your child has struggled with mid-terms or finals in the past, this course is for them.

Private Tutor

Academic Coaching

Designed for those searching for a greater level of enrichment or remediation, Academic Coaching combines the best elements of our traditional private tutoring sessions and study skills classes.


Academic Coaching develops your child’s executive functioning skills and trains your child to become an ideal student who keeps an organized notebook, prepares in advance for tests and exams, studies differently for quantitative and qualitative classes, and ultimately matures into an independent learner.


These highly skilled tutors meet with students on a weekly basis and support students not only in their study skills, but they also explain the difficult concepts in their individual courses. Upon request, tutors correspond with classroom teachers, even attending school meetings, as necessary.

Learn more Academic Coaching by reaching out today!


Let Brandywine Academic Services help boost your student’s test score by helping them develop critical test-taking strategies.

All of our standardized test prep programs rebuild fundamental skills, while also teaching your student the tricks unique to their test.

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